We are very proud to be able to introduce a unique Chinese therapy into Europe. It is called "Guasha" which means "scraping". Originating from prehistoric times and still practised by some indigenous peoples, Guasha found its way into the mainstream of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

In the treatment a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin whereafter the therapist starts "scraping" the area with a "scraper" (an specially designed instrument of jade or horn). Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places where disorders are hidden, red spots appear IN the skin (not ON the skin) comparable to hemorrhage. Because the scraping is on the oily skin the patient will hardly feel pain - neither during nor after the treatment - the skin will not be damaged, and the red spots will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

The spectacular results of Guasha are achieved because of its simultaneous effects on the skin, the subcutis, the connective tissue, the lymph system, the meridians, the periost, the muscles, the blood vessels, the nerves, the brain and the immune system and through them on the various functions, systems and organs of the entire body. Guasha therefore includes and thus "replaces" massage, connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periost massage, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage, relaxation, oxygen therapy, detoxification and immune stimulation, all in ONE simple scraping treatment!

Not surprisingly the list of disorders and diseases which can be treated with Guasha is quite impressive. From a simple revitalizing treatment to a complete regeneration and life-extension, from rheumatism, migraine to chronic fatigue (ME), RSI, PMS, all pain syndromes, back pain, cervical syndrome, sciatica, stress, burnout, digestive system disorders, allergies, candida, insomnia, metabolic disorders, angina pectoris, hypertension, immune deficiencies and many more...

The MeiHan Institute of Chinese Guasha Therapy has introduced a Guasha course to the west for 12 years. The basic course  for professionals consists of 6 days (or three weekends). This part includes the basic principles of Guasha, patho-physiology, tools and technique, diagnostics, seven ways of scraping, three main methods (tonifying, cleansing and neutral), the application on different parts of the body, pain relief, the indications and contra-indications. The course will be rewarded with the certificate of "Basic Guasha Healing", which allows you to practice Guasha on people with pain and minor disorders.

After some time you are allowed to subscribe to the course Advanced Guasha. This second part will emphasis on the specific problems. The graduates will receive the final diploma and are invited,  to become members of the European Guasha Network. Through the Network you will receive discount in future courses, scrapers and Guasha herbal oil. Additionally the Network is organising study trips to China and more interesting China-related things!

We disclaim all liability arising from any treatment you do.

Integrated Chinese Diagnostics
Apart from the Guasha Course we also offer a Training including Chinese facial, ear, tongue, nose, eye, hand and nail diagnosis . With much first hand information from China.

Guasha courses will enrich the practice of every medical doctor, naturopath, homeopath, heilpraktiker, physiotherapist, masseur, osteopath, shiatsu-, kinesiotherapist, TCM therapist or beautician.

Your teacher will be Drs. MeiMei Yu, TCM therapist and Guasha teacher from Beijing, China, and graduated flow system therapist according to Dr. Han M. Stiekema from the Netherlands.

24/25/26 August & 7/8/9 Sept. 2012.  
Place: Bad Tölz, Germany.

Info & contact:
Phone: 31-30-6590178 or 31-643237488 E-mail: info@meihan-guasha.nl

Chinese Guasha Therapy
Basic Practitioner Program Description

1st Day Introduction
The concept of Guasha
The origin, history and development of Guasha therapy.
Practical significance and current situation of application of Guasha therapy in China.
The Jingluo (channel) foundation of Guasha.
The basic concept, composition and description of the14 channel network (the circulation of Chi).
Zangfu(organ) and other related TCM theories.
Acupuncture points and their indications in Guasha.
Guasha Video.
Practice of Guasha for the head.
2nd Day

The method of Guasha meridian therapy.
Mechanism and clinical effect of Guasha.
A scientific model of Guasha.
Indications and contra-indications.
Crucial matters in Guasha therapy.
The Guasha instruments.
Scraping methods.
The 7 methods of scraping and their properties.
The reaction after scraping.
Different parts of the body.

3rd Day Sequence of scraping for the whole body.
Step by step instruction for starting Guasha.
Tonic, purgative and neutral manipulations.
The types of scraping therapy and course of treatment.
Practical applications of meridian Guasha therapy.
4th Day Reflexology in Guasha therapy.
The theory of Chinese reflection zones.
Most common zones in Guasha therapy.
Practice of reflection zone Guasha.
The principle and methods of choosing Guasha areas.
Assessment of scraping therapy.
Tips for enhancing treatment results.
The relationship between scraping therapy and other treatments.
5th Day Pain control/relief by Guasha.
Pain theory according to TCM.
Pain control/relief by Guasha.
Practical applications to external patients.
6th Day Guasha therapy for various body constitutions.
(Yang vacuity, Yang hyperactivity, Yin vacuity, Yin exuberance, Chi vacuity, Chi stagnation, Chi fall, Chi counterflow, blood vacuity, blood stasis, blood heat, blood cold, phlegm, rheum pattern, vacuity detriment)
Preventive Guasha therapy
Stress relief, inner balance, clarity of mind, empowerment, slimming, hair blackening and beauty through Guasha treatment.
Conclusion of basic Guasha therapy.
Questions and answers.
Exchange of study experience.

The program is subjected to change.

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Chinese jade:
Thousands of years used for treating stress, pain, chronic disease, restoring energy balance and strengthening inner healing power.



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